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One story, one mission, two facilities

Welcome to the friendly atmosphere of Stella Maris, the holiday house in Bibione belonging to the diocese of Treviso.

The Diocese, realizing this house, wanted to continue the experience of Stella Maris, conceived by Don Fernando Pavanello in Jesolo. The facility was born together with the experience in it over 30 years ago, wishing to provide a service for families with disabled children, creating a place where they could spend a fortnight out of their families in company of accompanying volunteers.

In the last years thousands of disabled people, together with their volunteers and friends, have turned Stella Maris not only into a holiday house, but also in a place where one can share one´s life and feelings, always accepting the other and witnessing the good of such experience.

Stella Maris today is a wonderful house merging with its surrounding environment; the private beach is equipped with pathways suitable for wheelchairs and lies at the end of the wonderful park that divides the house from the seaside

The house hosts all the comforts that a last generation hotel can provide: inside the house stands the church where one can take part to the Holy Mass during your stay or to other personal reflexive moments.

A 50-year-long story

After more than two years of absence, “Stella Maris” is back. Its rebirth takes place in Bibione. The experience in the summer “colony” belonging to the diocese of Treviso that has been active in Jesolo for 50 years has today a new facility, but it keeps the spirit with which it was founded in the 1950s. On Monday, June 15th the new house was officially opened at the presence of about 250 people, among which stood the general vice priest for our diocese, mons. Adriano Cevolotto, the vice priest for our pastoral care mons. Mario Salviato, the director of the diocesan administrative office mons. Mauro Motterlini, the Episcopal chancellor mons. Giuliano Brugnotto, the economic responsible for the diocese don Adriano Fardin, mons. Lucio Bonomo, principal of the Collegio Pio X and chief director of the journal La Vita del Popolo, some priests of the priest seminar and many land priests, but also many people belonging to the ecclesial and civil life of the area, from the vice priest of the diocese of Concordia – Pordenone, mons. Basilio Danelon, to the provincial Mother of the Suore Maestre Dorotee of Venice, in addition to other civil and military authorities, to the professionals and the representatives of the companies who realized the project.

Our wishes

Our wish is that this new Stella Maris will give to many people the possibility to regain force both in body and spirit, thanks to the willingly harmony between nature´s goods and the outcome of man´s work.” This was the wish of our Bishop, who was absent, in the message he sent for this occasion.

monsignoreA long story of assistance and hospitality defines Stella Maris, remembers mons. Cevolotto, a story begun in 1950-1951 when the diocese bought an area to build the first part of the marine “colonia” in Jesolo to offer a house to poor children who needed health care in a healthy marine environment. “When the proposal of the colonia went on a crisis – explained the vicar -, the diocese alerted in disabled people´s world a new need, thanks to mons. Fernando Pavanello´s sensitiveness and determination, former director of Caritas (who wanted to be present through a phone call).
From the 1990s the renewed house became a place for summer holidays for disabled people, creating the so-called “integrated weeks”, the cooperative organization responsible for the families and the house was called Servire.” In 2004 the diocese accepted to sell the house in Jesolo and began searching for a new facility that could ensure the existence of Stella Maris, unanimously supported by the presbiterial council, who thought it was necessary to keep the experience alive. In 2010 the marine house in Bibione was bought from the Suore Maestre Dorotee of Venice. The choice was then to demolish the existing facility to build a new one, better responding to the defined goals.

struttura“We decided to build the facility – underlines don Fardin – to be better responding to the needs of the diocese, also from an architectonical point of view: not only a holiday house, but also a place to be used all year long for meetings and educational moments. The result is a beautiful house, rising in a fantastic natural environment. As a Christian community we must not forget the educational value of beauty”.
A “mission” that was particularly underlined by the bishop:”Considering the beauty and the versatility of the new house, its lovely placement in a very fascinating green area, its accessibility to disabled people, the different usage during the whole year, not only in the summer months, the diocese of Treviso thinks of the facility as a really precious place. We wish – as remembered mons. Gardin – that the house becomes a place where families with disabled people can have a relaxed and friendly vacation together with other families: in this way they will experience the joy of being accepted and they will give to other families the occasion to be accepting, in a healthy sharing full of humanity”.


Stella Maris è una struttura basata sul progetto della Diocesi di Treviso di poter dare a tutti, famiglie, gruppi, anziani e disabili, la possibilità di poter staccare dalla quotidianità per passare le proprie vacanze in un clima familiare e accogliente. Grazie alle sue xx camere e le sue stanze comuni, è possibile l’utilizzo dell’intera struttura non solo durante l’estate, ma anche per grandi gruppi durante tutto l’anno.


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